Lombok, Indonesia

Written by Jordy Meow. Published on August 22, 2010.

Here we are at Lombok (“spice” in Indonesian !). We choose Senggigi as General Quarter. The situation at sea is pleasant, our intended destinations are not more than 2h-3h by car, and the hotel is not really expensive, yet luxurious enough. The prices, comparing to Flores, are a bit more reasonable.

Senggigi Hotel

The view from the hotel, actually composed of many bungalows, including a series which is abandoned with no reason in heights.

A torrential rain falls once per day on Lombok, for about an hour only. Perfect to freshen up the air and clean streets.

Lombok Rain

A torrential rain.

Our first destination is Senaru, located at the foot of Rinjani. There is a beautiful waterfall. The road is long, so on the way we stop in a market to stretch our legs.

Senaru Lombok


The foot of Rinjani literally bathed in a bath of ferns. We cross a first cascade easily accessible and very touristy: Sindang Gila. A second is an hour’s walk away, but the Indonesians insist that we will need a guide to get there. We end up with peace after a little while, and we rush quietly to a small way which seems to lead there.Sometimes the road would vanish, giving way to a river, and luckily the children walk by there, it will be enough to follow them!

Senaru Lombok


Here we are at the majestic waterfall of Tiu Kelep. Children who took us here dabble in water for a long time, but do not go swimming in the pool of the waterfall. Perhaps because of its 2m depth and the fear of sinking?

Tiu Kelep

Tiu Kelep.

30m of fall. It is quite difficult to take decent pictures because of the large cloud of fine water droplets.

Huge Waterfall Lombok

30m de chute. Il est assez difficile de prendre des photos correctes à cause de la forte nuée de fines gouttes d’eau.

One can guess a small rainbow on the left (no, no, I’m not talking about the girl!). Depending on the time of day, the rainbows are more or less present, but always there. We realize here the strength of the cascade …

Woman and Tiu Kelep


There are many cultures in Lombok rice, tobacco, coffee and cotton. Lombok is like Bali finally enough … we often hear that Lombok is in fact Bali, not yet ravaged by tourists.

Rice Fields Lombok

Rice fields.

Warrior Goat de Lombok

A warrior who lost his horn..

A second warrior: this is the only child who made ​​us realize that she wanted money. She does not look all that much in need, however, with her ​​earrings and her teeth all white ;)

Lombok Warrior


Hey hello, so where this rice? I think I heard that a parcel of rice is sold for 30 euros per harvest.

Rice Fields - Workers


After the warriors, the old warrior. A very good topic, and … you’d think he poses, but no, not at all.

Old Warrior of Lombok


Tabacco Fields

Tobacco plantations and rice fields.

A young Sasak Indonesian female, talking on the phone.

Rice Field Modern Girl

Indonesian Sasak female.

Indonesian children often want to be caught in pictures. Only condition, to see them after! It’s nice, in other countries it is much more difficult.

Indonesian Children

Indonesian children.

We sneak into a village, where a family take care of preparing the tobacco leaves to dry, probably …

Children Also Works Lombok


We finished the inland, now we have 4 days and 4 islands to explore. We start with Gili Islands.

Lombok - Boat


First we go by boat to Gili Meno (Gili Meno is the island in the middle among the three islands that form the Gili Islands). For the first time, we have the time to appreciate the shores of Lombok.

Lombok Shore


Fishermen still use the same small boats and are always wearing a motorcycle helmet. An Indonesian explains that it is for the sun, but then why not a nicer and lightweight cap ? I guess this helmet has a double role, and that’s the only reason …

Lombok Fisherman


Arrival at Gili Meno. On the right, the restaurant where we would eat most of the time.

Gili Meno

Geli Meno.

Small local market on Gili Air. Its offer is limited, Gili Air is similar to Gili Meno, with less bungalows.

Gili Air

Gili Air.

Mother broke the sink in the room. In fact, it would be fairer to say that the sink was broken in her presence! Our hotel this time is far from being the most luxurious and the bathroom is falling apart. While the owner was assessing the current situation, his daughter made ​​a face at the door!

Hotel Daughter

Cool t-shirt !

We find very nice hotels on Gili Meno, and even in high season they are not all booked. We were all ripped off by the tourism agency of Senggigi who took a fee of 50% to put us in the most moldy room of the island.

Gili Meno Flowers

Gili Meno.

Stroll on the west side of Gili Meno. An abandoned hotel, and this box of information for tourists is in ruins. The place is not crowded, but there is however a special bar for sunsets …

Tourist Information Lombok

Abandoned !

And here we are! We are witnessing a beautiful sunset on the island of Trawangan. We’ll go to Trawagan tomorrow, but we will find nothing special (apart from the tourist crowds, bars, street cinemas, diving centers, all the paraphernalia for the young and rich tourists!).

Trawangan Sunset Lombok


We are going now to Gili Nanggu. This island is located south of Lombok, and it is a little paradise. We were to remain there only a day (starting the morning after arrival), but finally after 1 hour spent on site, we negotiated a night and one more day.

Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu.

It is a private island, presumably mostly frequented by honey-mooners. The tour is done quickly, in about half an hour, but the edges of beaches are beautiful and it’s a real pleasure to laze. Here, bungalows, also very nice and super clean!

Gili Nanggu Bungalows

Gili Nangu.

We can also make snorkeling. Corals are almost all dead here, but you can easily find yourself surrounded by thousands of fish!

Gili Nanggu

Thousands of fish !

Bintang is the only dog ​​and sole guardian of the island. One can not go around it without crossing Bintang 1 or 2 times.

Gili Nanggu - Bintang


Here we are leaving the island towards Mataram at first …

Gili Nanggu Shore

To Mataram…

… to take the ferry to Bali ! Our last week there waits for us.

Mataram Ferry

The ferry to Bali.

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