Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Written by Jordy Meow. Published on September 22, 2010.

Koh Phi Phi, “the most beautiful islands in the world”.  We find a hotel very quickly on Koh Phi Phi Don the evening we arrive. It is not very expensive, it has style and it has a nice room and a nice swimming pool. We negotiate with the boats quickly in order to be able to arrive the next day, early in the morning, on Maya Bay, located on the island of Koh Phi Phi Leh.

Leaving for Koh Phi Phi.

7am and wheelbarrows in the morning. We are approaching Koh Phi Phi Leh ! I noticed several times that Maya Bay (the most famous beach of Koh Phi Phi) was overloaded with tourists, so I preferred to be sure to go before the official departures (which take place at about 8 am) .

Stern of our little long tail boat.

Here we are at Maya Bay (but already plunging into the jungle – I always felt a inexpungible attraction to that!). This beach has become very known after Leonardo Di Caprio acted there and chased the shark for “The Beach“. We seek the famous field of marijuana, but obviously it’s hopeless. Not much in the middle of the island, a few houses built for tourists surely, and a tiny lake.

The field of cannabis.

It is now about 7.30am. The beach is quiet and the sun rises gently, very gently. This is the perfect time for taking pictures and a nice swim. In the movie, you would think that this is a large island and a long beach, but it is not. The place is actually quite small. I do not regret coming there very early, the place must be a real Chinese supermarket during the day!


The entrance to the beach. The boats come through here, and hey, here is the first that comes – after us – an hour later. The silence ended its reign.

Entrance to the beach.

“Parallel universe. Love”. The movie “The Beach” ends with this words and, the same, our morning. We will continue the tour of the island by boat on our “Long-Tail”.

"Parallel universe. Love".

Our driver is very friendly and we stop when and where we want, he is not opposing to anything … a joy to have him just for ourselves.

A small hut perched on the heights of the island, overlooking the ocean. Probably used by fishermen.

We arrive in another conch, even smaller one, but it seems that no one comes here. A day later, I will test scuba diving in waters not far from there (a great experience after all, despite a serious lack of pictures).

Another conch.

The Black Monster of lost is here, in the water. We shall come back later.

The Black Monster.

It is holidays!So much happiness! For once, it was a relaxing holiday with Anselme;)

The Black Monster happens to be a shoal. What a disappointment. We go into another conch. It is rather huge! Many boats come here directly from Phuket. Many Chinese swim around with their lifejackets.

A shoal.

We go into another conch. It is rather huge! Many boats come here directly from Phuket. Many Chinese swim around with their lifejackets.

Another conch.

We have a very long swim in the beautiful blue lagoon … and our boat escapes several times, just to let us swim! We put an end to our aquatic adventures due to a hungry jellyfish big bench. Back to Koh Phi Phi Don!

Our boat.

Around Phi Phi Don, there’s also Monkey Island. Not that in the video game, but actually just spots where monkeys are accustomed to go to get supplies of bananas (and other fruits) from boats.

Monkey Island.

Koh Phi Phi Don looks alike Koh Phi Phi Leh.

These fish abound in the waters of Koh Phi Phi! They really are everywhere, and they are always the same.

We are seeing many shows here, many color games set on amazing animations supported by an exhilarating soundtrack ..


The north-west side of Koh Phi Phi Don is very wild as nobody goes there anymore.

The north-west side of Koh Phi Phi Don.

The last Tsunami of Decembe 2004 did not spare the fishermen’s houses and homes. This corner has been completely abandoned.

Ruins of tsunami.

An engine of Long Tail.

This place has a name… Lana Beach, RIP !

Lana Beach should have been a beautiful beach, one can imagine, many bungalows and tourists basking on the beach. Now, only mounds of garbage and nature that gradually resumes its rights.

Lana Beach.

Getting there on foot is difficult (dead coral and garbage everywhere, not easy to get there without shoes), so we asked our driver to get close. Unfortunately, the hull growling viciously against the rocks invites us not to go further.

Difficult to get near.

If Lucie was a rabbit, then we could sing “Lucie in the sky” ! But, as she is not a rabbit, at least I don’t think so, we won’t sing at all.


We arrive on the other side of the island, this one is more inhabited. We decide to stop in the place in order to take a small break for lunch and beer.

The other side.

This guy-sorry-fisherman reminds me of the Japanese “in action”. Concerned to do well and to be pro, they always take exaggerated postures.

The Japanese way.

Back home. The sand cat is strangely reminiscent of my fire-cat in Arcachon, now replaced by another, by the name of “Neko”. I have never met him, but of course, there will be pictures of his head later on this blog!

The sand cat.

In the evening, on Koh Phi Phi Don. The beautiful days have to be very beautiful, while the evenings are drowning under furious rain.

Furious rain.

A quick glance inside the hot nights of Koh Phi Phi. What

Our romantic getaway ends here. Anselm returns to France the next day, I’ll spend a little weekend on Krabi (still in Thailand). A final small view of Koh Phi Phi Don from the heights.

Separation of lovers.

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