The Great Dune of Pyla

Written by Jordy Meow. Published on July 10, 2011.

There will be also a few tips for visiting the Dune all throughout this article.

Dune du Pyla - From The Other Side

Vue du côté du Cap-Ferret. Le Bassin d'Arcachon, c'est bien-sûr ce qui se trouve au milieu.

Take a jacket. You are probably hot on the way up but quite windy at the top. Try the not so touristy part. The view is more impressive when it is only the forest, the dune, the sea and you on your own.

Dune du Pyla - Smell of Spice

Habille-toi de ton distille, et prépare toi aux bouffées d'épices !

Take off your shoes. Walking on the soft sand is much easier and more comfortable without shoes. It also saves you the trouble of dumping the sand out of your shoes later on. 

Dune du Pyla - At The Top

Sur la Dune.

Try to avoid putting your bag on the sand, unless is properly sealed. Also, make sure there is nothing in your pocket before you sit on the sand, unless you want to spend the next couple weeks cleaning the sand in your wallet/mobile.

Dune du Pyla - Arcachon's Beaches

Vue sur les plages d'Arcachon.

Dune du Pyla - Paraglider


Dune du Pyla - Ornithopter

Hello there!

Dune du Pyla - Kynes' Dream

Une vue toute relative.


Dune du Pyla - Arrakis

Arrakis. Un ver des sables se profile au loin.

Dune du Pyla - Going Down

La descente est de loin plus facile, et surtout fun !

Run downhill, or roll down if you prefer, for this is the most fun part! It might look real steep and pretty scary from the top. But you can never fall because you every step will be deeply stuck in the sand. And even if you do fall, the dune will always catch you with more than enough cushioning.

Dune du Pyla - Sea of Trees

L'océan d'un côté, une mer d'arbres de l'autre.

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