Hi everyone! I am Jordy Meow, a french guy born in Arcachon (next to Bordeaux, in France) living in Japan for now quite a few years already.

Jordy Meow

This website was originally a blog (2005) but then it became more like an online magazine with a new name: Totoro Times. It has a strong focus on photography, offbeat travels, urban exploration, landscapes, and the main theme is Japan.

I don’t make money out of this work and my professional life is completely unrelated.
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Feel free to drop a message at anytime, I’ll be glad to reply to you, but please! Avoid asking me about locations of abandoned places or… how did I find a job in Japan, I get those two often and I guess I will have to write a FAQ about it. However, I would be delighted if you are interested in buying my framed photos

Thanks for reading!