Hello everyone! I am Jordy Meow, a french guy born in Arcachon (next to Bordeaux, in France) living in Japan for quite a few years already.

Jordy Meow

This website started as a common blog in 2005 when I moved to China for my studies. Much later, in 2012, the layout changed completely and it became Totoro Times. I wanted the name to reflect more what I like and want to showcase and focus less on

It doesn’t feature my personal life anymore but it showcases my photography and hobbies (offbeat travels, urban exploration in Japan, beautiful scenes, etc).

This website is not my work and it is not related at all to it. From time to time, I sell a few photos, I get a few yens from the advertising at the end of the articles and sometimes people even make a donation, through this link. I added a Flattr button at the top of the articles as well, you are very welcome to click on them

I am always happy to receive e-mails but since I am quite busy nowadays, please avoid asking about locations (especially haikyo) or how I could live in Japan. Maybe I should write a FAQ about all this one day.