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Hello! I am Jordy Meow, a french guy born in a small seashore village next to Bordeaux. I never thought I would one day actually move from my hometown. First I went to Bordeaux for high-school, then Paris for my engineer School, China for my Master then, eventually… Japan for my marital life! I am a simple guy, more like a kid actually, but my tall legs can take my anywhere and I take advantage of it. I live in Tokyo, I love the convenience but my heart is truly in the countryside. I have been here for so long already, time flies…

This website started as a very simple blog when I moved to China (2005). Many years later, the layout changed completely and it became Totoro Times (2012). I wanted the website and name to reflect more what I like and want to share with the world rather than focusing on my private life. If you are curious about that, you can still view my good old blog This website focus on the part of Japan that are lesser known and I am trying my best to promote them.

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Jordy Meow

Totoro Times is not my job and it is not related to it at all. In reality, I work as a software engineer and I am not self-employed. This website is my hobby and also represents truly what I love. It takes a lot of time and effort. I have not much marketing power since this is all by me so I try to keep a constant level quality which I know my visitors really appreciate. It is thanks to you that Totoro Times stays alive! So thanks a lot for your support, from the bottom of my heart!

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Updated on December 13, 2010.
Written by Jordy Meow.